Velux Loft Conversion

Why Should You Use Velux Loft Conversion in Your Home?

There are many reasons to use Velux roof conversions in your home:

Velux Loft Conversion

Velux conversion is the most affordable and simple type of roof conversion, as it doesn’t require alteration to the roofline. It uses a Velux window and turns your attic into a habitable space. 

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Benefits of Velux Loft Conversions

  • Additional Storage: A well-designed Velux conversion provides additional storage, which is especially beneficial if you have a small bedroom or wardrobe.
  • More Space: They can add up to 30% additional space to your home, rendering it more spacious and pleasant.
  • Energy-Efficient: It is an energy-efficient method to add additional space, as it has roof windows for ventilation and light.
  • Cost-Effective: It is one of the most economical ways to utilise your property’s loft space.
  • Easy Upgrade: You can easily upgrade Velux windows into Velux electric conversion and Velux solar conversion.

Let’s get together and create your dream home.

Transform your unused attic space into the home of your dreams with our expert loft conversion services. At our company, we believe in working together with our clients to create the perfect living space that meets all their needs.

How is Velux Loft Conversion Installed?

First, you’ll need to choose a reliable contractor to inspect the loft space and draw a plan. It usually involves the following steps:

  • The steelwork is done to support and strengthen the floor and joists.
  • Then Velux loft windows are placed.
  • The staircase is designed and installed to allow access to the loft space from the top floor.
  • Then plumbing and electrical work is completed, and the loft is installed.
  • If there is more than one room, internal partitions are added.
  • Plastering work is done, and plasterboard is laid.
  • Electrical fittings such as power sockets, fire detectors, and light switches is completed, and then carpentry carried out.
  • The underfloor heating system and radiators are fitted.

Velux Loft Conversion Cost

The cost of Velux conversion varies depending on different factors, including:

  • The size of the loft space you want to convert
  • The number, type, and size of Velux windows you want to install
  • The internal decoration of the conversion

Why Choose Life Lofts?

Life Loft offers premium-grade service at a competitive price and has over 13+ years of experience in the loft conversion industry. Also, we are open to free assessments for the clients so they can know the exact price and the whole procedure.

Each team member of Life Lofts is committed to delivering every customer with a high-quality conversion and takes pride in working directly with the customer through every stage of the building process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Typically, you don’t need planning permission for Velux loft conversion, as it just sits on the top of a roof; there’s no structural change. However, if your property is in a conservation space, you’ll need planning permission, as it demands changing the external appearance of your roof.    

Yes, Velux conversion can be transformed into dormer conversion as long as you have a minimum of 2.2-meter head space.

A Velux conversion can be used on different types of rooms, such as:

  • A bedroom
  • A bathroom
  • A playroom
  • An office

To know the suitability of your building for a Velux loft conversion, you’ll need to consider the following things.

  • Make sure your house has enough head space in the loft.
  • Your roof must be durable to support the Velux conversion.
  • Not every building has enough headroom for Velux loft conversion.
  • Opening and closing Velux windows can be challenging in some cases.