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Loft conversion is a crucial process and requires meticulous attention. Therefore, hiring specialists for loft conversion solutions is vital. Look no further if you seek loft conversion services in Godalming and surrounding areas. Life Lofts is here to assist you with any conversion you need in your home, be it a new bedroom, music room, bathroom, or gymnasium you want added.

Loft Conversion Types We Deliver

Life Lofts provides services for all loft room conversions; the most common ones, along with their estimated costs, are discussed below:

Velux Loft Conversion

Velux or Skylight loft conversion is considered the most straightforward type of loft conversion, as no extension to the roof is required, and all the conversion is done under the existing rooftop. In most cases, roof windows are the only addition. The average cost of the skylight loft conversion is around £50K.

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Dormer Loft Conversion

In a dormer loft conversion, a box-shaped structure is installed on the top of a sloped roof. The box has a flat rooftop, giving the dorm a classic view and plenty of headroom. Some other dormer loft conversions include front-pitched dormers and side dormers. The average dormer loft conversion cost in the UK is between £55K-80K.

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion

It involves the conversion of the angled or hipped side of the roof into a gable form, providing more head space. Most people also add a rear dormer to the conversion, facilitating extra room space. The average price of hip-to-gable loft conversion in the UK is between £60K-70K.

Mansard Loft Conversion

This type of loft conversion is usually added to the rear of the property. Named after Francois Mansard, a French architect, this loft conversion involves the addition of a flat rooftop space with around 70 degrees almost-vertical back wall. The dormer provides more headspace than the mansard loft conversion and is considered the main difference between the dormer and mansard loft conversion. The average price of mansard loft conversion is around £60-70K+.

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Is any permission required for a loft conversion?

It all started with the Town and Country Planning Act 1932, which introduced the planning permission idea in the UK. According to the act, alteration to homes or flats will require permission from the local authority if changes exceed the limitations set by the act. Most loft conversions usually do not require any permissions as there are no drastic changes to the house. The permission is required when the extension exceeds certain limitations. Due to the complex regulations, it is advised to hire experienced builders, architects and specialists. At Life Lofts, our experienced architects are available to guide you through all the regulations in place and how to utilise them according to your requirements. The average cost of planning application in the UK is around £258.

Complete List of Our Services

With over 13 years of experience, Life Lofts has completed over 108 projects. Our company comprises skilled builders, designers and other specialists who pique themselves on loft conversion skills, providing countless services that distinguish them from the rest. Some of our services other than loft conversions in Godalming include:

  • House extensions
  • Garage conversions
  • Roofing
  • Solar installation services
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We are also extremely proud to say that we have formed a partnership with Tree-nation and will be planting 100 trees for every loft conversion we build.

We feel it is our responsibility to put back into the environment what we take out and play a role in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

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At Life Lofts, we provide free initial consultation to discuss the required alterations and suggest the best option. We also provide various cost estimations from which the customers can choose after considering every viable option.

In general, there is no mandatory requirement for an architect to be involved in a loft conversion. However, it is advised to avail the services of an architect. A loft conversion is a job of professionals and the upfront money usually covers architect services. It is also beneficial in the long term, as future adjustments can save you money if you have an architect in hand.

Most regular solar panels are installed a few inches above the roof and are linked to a racking system. But there are solar roofs available in the market which can be seamlessly integrated as both roof and solar energy solutions. After installation, the solar panels will act as the primary roof.