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About project

A Mansard loft conversion involves opening up one or more sides of the roof and adding two walls in its place. While the angles aren’t quite 90 degrees, the standard is around 70 degrees so the internal space is more of a standard square rather than the triangular shape associated with loft conversions.

Mansard loft conversions offer the most spacious rooms out of all loft conversion types. Due to the size, you can either add more rooms to the space or simply enjoy one larger room.

A lot of home owners associate loft conversions with roof Dormers, so this loft conversion type is usually what people think of when they consider a conversion project.

What else you want to know

If you would like to create even more space in your loft, a double Mansard conversion opens up both sides of the roof and adds the Mansard onto both sides. This gives you an even larger square space and completely changes both sides of the roof. In some cases there may be restrictions on changing the front aspect of your roof, so even with planning permission it may be difficult to gain a double Mansard conversion.

If you have any questions about building a Mansard conversion, just get in touch. Our experienced team is happy to answer any of your questions and conduct a free assessment so that you know the exact costs for your project. The assessment also allows us to see the space and make recommendations based on our experience.

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