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Loft boarding is an alternative process to complete loft conversion and is comparatively easy to utilise. The process involves adding floorboards to the floor of your loft, turning it into a storage or easy-walking place. The addition of a loft ladder will make it safer and more easily accessible.  

At Life Lofts LTD, we provide premium loft boarding solutions in Hampshire, equipped with extensive experience to transform your underutilised attic space into an everyday storage solution. Our team of specialists is committed to improving your home functionality and value through top-tier loft boarding.

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Discover the Benefits of Loft Boarding

Loft boarding is considered an efficient way to maximise your home’s storage capacity. Transforming your loft into a usable space facilitates a resourceful way to declutter your living areas and organise your belongings more efficiently. Our loft-boarding solution in Hampshire comes with the following advantages:

  • Loft boarding makes the most of your loft area by converting it into an increased storage space to store your seasonal items, luggage, and more.
  • Properly installed loft boards can also play an essential part in improving the insulation of your house, which will potentially reduce your energy bills.
  • With loft boarding, you can safely navigate your loft without worrying about the floor underfoot and minimise the risk of accidents.
  • A well-boarded loft can assist in increasing the value of your house by improving its appeal and providing extra storage space.
  • It is also considered a cost-effective alternative to using self-storage services, which cost an average of £140 per month for a standard 7m2 space.

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Precautions Before Loft Boarding

Before embarking on your journey of loft boarding project, there are numerous factors that Life Lofts takes into account.

Loft Access: The first thing we ensure is safe and easy access to your loft, and if the ladder will be required to access your loft.

Roof Design: It plays a crucial part in selecting the area of the loft that will be floored. Joist and rafter roofs allow the installation of large boards, while trussed roofs have a limited area to utilise.

Weight and Storage Capacity: Analyse the items that need to be stored in the loft. Your loft must be able to support the additional weight of the boarding and stored items.

Insulation: It is essential to consider the proper insulation in your loft and how it will affect the boarding and storage of your items.

Ventilation: Our specialists keep a keen eye on adequate ventilation of your loft, as it is crucial to prevent condensation and maintain air quality.

Cost: Cost should be considered in terms of boarding quality and selecting an experienced professional for the job. Our company is known to provide market-competitive pricing and reliable loft conversions. 

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Ready to transform your loft space? Get in touch with us today to thoroughly discuss your loft boarding project. Our friendly team of loft conversion specialists is here to provide you with expert advice and assist you throughout the project, from selecting your floor boarding type to efficient installation.

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We are also extremely proud to say that we have formed a partnership with Tree-nation and will be planting 100 trees for every loft conversion we build.

We feel it is our responsibility to put back into the environment what we take out and play a role in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not advised to lay boards directly on your joists. It will affect the insulation and airflow of your loft and can cause condensation and mould that will affect your stored items. It is also against the building regulations.

You do not require planning permission to board your loft; it is allowed under permitted development (PD) rights if it is utilised as storage. However, you will require planning permission if you are using your loft as a living space.

Narrow down your service provider list for loft boarding in Hampshire to Life Lofts only for certain reasons:

  • A team of experienced specialists.
  • Utilising high-quality material to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Tailored solutions to meet unique home and storage requirements.
  • Highly committed to customer satisfaction, providing 24/7 support.
  • Free initial consultations.

The time of loft boarding installation depends on area size and accessibility, but the average time of installation done by professionals is calculated to be around one to two days.