Loft Conversion in Camberley


Loft conversions have been in trend for many years as they offer countless benefits to homeowners, including improved aesthetics, added value, multifunctionality, and more. It would be best if you had assistance from professional builders to convert your loft.

You can contact Life Lofts LTD for a loft conversion in Camberley. We have skilled and professional builders to assist you in converting your loft into a multifunctional space at affordable rates.

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Loft Conversion – A Worthwhile Investment

A loft conversion is a worthwhile investment as it offers countless benefits, including:

Increased Living and Storage Space

A loft conversion is an innovative way to add a living or storage room to your home. Whether you are a growing family or lack space to store seasonal appliances, a loft conversion is an effective way to unlock the space you need.

Adds Value to Your Home

The financial benefits of loft conversion are unquestionable as it increases your home’s value up to 20 per cent or even more. The benefits it offers and the curb appeal it adds are the primary reason behind this increased value.

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Provides a Multifunctional Space

Loft conversion is more than adding an extra space to your residence. It is a multipurpose room that can be used as:

  • Home Gym
  • Workspace
  • Gaming Studio
  • Kid’s Playroom
  • Study Space
  • Lounge Area

Prevents Moving to a New Home

Lack of living and storage space leads homeowners to move to a new home. Adding loft conversion avoids the hassle of moving to a new living space by adding more room to your current home.

Energy-efficient Approach

You can use natural lighting in your loft conversion by adding windows. They also provide the benefits of heat insulation and don’t let natural heat escape through roofing. These things make it an energy-efficient option and appeal to those concerned about saving energy.

Saves Time and Money

Adding a loft conversion to your room saves the time and money you must spend moving to a new home. The quick and affordable installation also makes it a time-saving and cost-effective approach.

Types of Loft Conversions Provided by Life Lofts

We at Life Lofts provide a wide range of loft conversion services in Camberley. Our specialists can provide all basic types of loft conversions, including:

Rooflight Conversion: The simplest type of loft conversion involves adding some roof lights without changing the structure of your loft.

Hip-to-gable Conversion: It involves the conversion of a hipped wall into a roof to add some space to your loft.

Mansard Conversion: It is an aesthetically pleasing conversion with a horizontal roof and a vertical back wall, offering a vast space.

Dormer Conversion: In this conversion, a box-shaped extension is added onto the roof, creating more headroom and a natural lighting source.

You can choose from these types based on available space and your requirements and contact our company for the project.

Loft Conversion
Velux Loft Conversions
Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions
Dormer Loft Conversion
House Extension
Garage Conversion
Mansard Loft Conversions
Solar Installation Services
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How Do We Install a Loft Conversion?

  • When you hire our services for loft room conversion, our skilled builders follow a series of steps to complete your project.
  • We start by conducting an initial home assessment to check if your selected loft conversion type can be carried out.
  • After assessing your space, we can help you pick the type of loft conversion that suits your home the most.
  • Once done with the selection, we will consider legal requirements and help you navigate the building regulations, planning permission, and safety regulations.
  • Now, we will make replacements and alterations to complete your project. Our skilled and professional team delivers services tailored to your needs, collaborating with you closely throughout the process.

Why Pick Life Lofts?

Regarding loft conversion in Camberley, Southampton, Woking, or Wiltshire, you have Life Lofts as your go-to service provider.

  • We assist with legal requirements such as planning permissions and building regulations when installing a loft conversion to your home.
  • We offer market-competitive and transparent pricing, managing costs throughout the project.
  • Our skilled professionals complete the project in a reasonable timeframe.
  • We ensure the safety of your property throughout the process.


We are also extremely proud to say that we have formed a partnership with Tree-nation and will be planting 100 trees for every loft conversion we build.

We feel it is our responsibility to put back into the environment what we take out and play a role in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Need Help?


Yes, we provide free consultation to help you understand different types of loft conversion and assist in picking the right one. It also includes a detailed cost estimation for your project, helping you make informed decisions.

Besides loft conversion, we provide other services that include:

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Garage Conversion
  • Home Extension