Rear House Extension

Maximising Space, Comfort and Value

House rear extensions hold key significance in modern construction for being an all-in-one addition to your home, allowing homeowners to expand their living space without the hassle of moving to a new location. House extensions cater to changing needs and lifestyles by adding a practical new living area.

Apart from giving more useable living space, these rear extensions allow families to carry on their activities in a peaceful and comfortable corner.

Rear house extensions are also worth considering when making your home distinctive among others for tenants and potential buyers. Providing the best services to its clients, Life Lofts LTD is committed to providing them with quality rear extensions to leverage maximum advantages.

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Services that Speak of Quality

Serving for over 13 years, our true motivation is creating maximum value for our respected clients, and this is the purpose we have acquired all essentials that enable us to make a dream extension for you.

Housing the best construction specialists, the latest equipment, and well-trained labour, we strive to deliver modern rear extensions that speak their worth.

With careful planning and utilising the best available resources, our experts built the type and size of the extension you prefer.

Keeping your home modern yet compliant with the laws, we are here 24/7 to provide you with a new, well-planned, comfortable, and spacious rear extension.

Bigger, Better, Brighter

Getting a new rear extension from our reputed company can benefit your property in several ways.

New & Increased Living Space: A better living space tops the list of the amazing benefits of a rear house extension. And we can facilitate a more spacious living for you.

Seamless Integration: Our rear extensions are often designed to seamlessly integrate with your house’s layout and architecture. They enhance your property’s overall aesthetic appeal and flow when done correctly.

Brighter and Airy Atmosphere: We can introduce more natural light and air into the interior of your home by incorporating features like bi-fold doors, large windows, or skylights for a brighter inner environment.

Greater Property Value: Our well-designed, new, and spacious rear extension seems appealing to potential buyers and gives more value to your property.

Economical Solution: Rear dormer extensions are cost-effective as they save you the hassle and additional costs of buying and selling, moving costs, realtor fees, and stamp duty.

Customisation and Personalisation: As per your taste, preference, and likeliness, we provide the flexibility to design your extension that matches your style, whether you like modern, traditional, or a unique blend of both

Adaptation to Changing Needs: Our rear extensions offer a practical solution to adapt your home to changing needs without uprooting your familiar surroundings.

Affordable Solutions that Work

Rear extension cost remains a key concern of clients, but do not worry by working with Life Lofts LTD. Our team is expert enough to suggest innovative ideas for a cost-effective outlet. We plan and make key arrangements to build your desired extension that matches your needs within your budget.

Elevate Your Living Experience with Us

Life Lofts LTD is committed to serving you in every manner:

  • We offer customised services aptly suitable to your needs
  • We house a team of experienced professionals to deliver you the best.
  • We remain communicative in every step: from initial consultations and design phases to construction and project management.
  • We adhere to legal and market standards to provide the best quality services.
  • We offer aftercare services and maintenance support, our distinctive feature.
  • We remain open to discussing your needs 24/7.

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Rear extensions serve many purposes. You get more value and a good house look, and the extension can be used in several ways:

  • Larger kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Play area
  • Home-based office
  • Gym
  • Living room

The cost of an extension varies with numerous factors like design, location, and whether you require a large or small rear extension. It is better to get in touch with our experts for a feasible cost estimate.

Designing rear extensions involves professional command to plan, execute and finish. Moreover, it involves certain legal intricacies that the experts know. Therefore, hiring professional services for a well-built, legally compliant extension is highly recommended.

The duration to construct a house extension depends upon the nature of your project size. To get a clear idea, you can talk to our experts, who are 24/7 ready to answer your queries.