Single Storey Extension

A single-storey extension is a horizontal addition to a house built on the ground floor, at the same level as the existing ground floor. It can be added to the front, back, or side of the house and can be used to create extra living space, such as a kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

However, house extensions are similar to big renovation projects that can feel overwhelming and difficult. But don’t worry! The professionals at Life Lofts LTD specialise in house extensions and can create any design or type of extension that aligns with your ideas and how you live.

Bring Your Single-Storey Extension Vision into Reality

Life Lofts LTD build expert single-storey extensions to transform your house into your dream home. Our dedicated team of architects and designers will collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your vision and make a plan that flawlessly meets your needs.

From the initial consultation to the final construction, you can expect a stress-free and seamless procedure with us. We take pride in delivering exceptional house extensions that enhance the value and space of your home while reflecting your unique style and vision.

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What Are the Types of Single-Storey Extensions?

Life Lofts LTD specialises in a wide range of single-storey extensions, including front, rear, side, and wraparound extensions. Our skilled team can assist you in transforming your home by adding the desired space and functionality you need.

Front Extensions

As the name suggests, a single-storey front extension is built at the front of the house. It can be a good way to make the house look more modern and up-to-date. However, it can also be more expensive than other extensions, as it typically requires planning permission.

Rear Extension

Single-storey rear extension involves extending the back of your property, which is a popular choice for increasing the size of the kitchen, adding a dining area, or creating a larger living space.

Side Extension

A single-storey side extension stretches the width of your property to create additional rooms or living space. It can be used to expand existing rooms, create a home office, a new bedroom, or a utility area.


But a side extension has some limitations to consider: It can only be accomplished by property owners who own a home that is either detached, semi-detached, or end-terraced. Additionally, the house should not be situated next to a road.

Wraparound Extension

A wraparound extension combines the rear and side extensions, creating an L-shaped or U-shaped layout. Although this extension maximises the available space and offers flexibility in room layout and design, it is typically costly as it involves a lot of construction.

Why Opt for a Single-Storey Extension?

Avoid the Hassle of Moving: Opting for a single-storey house extension saves you from the time-consuming and overwhelming process of selling your current house, negotiating deals, and settling into a new home. Instead, you can stay in the same place and design an extension that suits your needs.

Freedom of Design: Unlike buying a pre-existing house with potential flaws, a single-storey house extension allows you the freedom to customise your living space. You can add rooms, extend existing ones, or even put a new storey in your residence.

Increase the Value of Your Home: Extending your home increases the value of your property. The specific increase in value will depend on the extension type you pick. Our experts can assess your layout and propose ideas to determine your best extension type.

Personalise Your Home: A single-storey house extension permits you to assemble your home on your own. Whether you desire a private study, a home office, or an ensuite bathroom, you have the control to create a space that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Affordable and Fast to Build: Opting for a single-storey house extension eliminates the need to purchase a new, expensive property. Instead, you can invest in your existing home to improve your lifestyle and vision. This strategy saves you money and time, and the stress of moving.

What Is Our Process of Extending Your Home?

We Visit the Site

Our house extension process begins with a site visit, where one of our specialists meets you at your property. During this visit, we discuss your goals and requirements for the house extension while considering technical constraints and budget considerations.

We Design and Plan

Our architects prepare comprehensive documentation for submission, including drawings and plans, and handle the application process for planning permission or permitted development.

Throughout the design and planning process, our team ensures strict compliance with regulations to maximise the value and success of your house extension.

We Provide Free Construction Estimate

Our estimation specialists deliver an accurate quotation, providing a detailed breakdown of costs. They carefully evaluate construction costs, structural elements, layout, and finishes, optimising them for the best outcome.

We Build Your Extension

A dedicated construction manager is appointed to efficiently organise the construction team and develop a detailed timeline. The work is meticulously planned and executed on-site, drawing upon extensive experience and best industry practices.

We prioritise regular reporting, seamless information sharing, and swift responses to inquiries and requests. Timely decisions are made through a transparent process for handling requests, approvals, and changes, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

We Hand over the Project

Under the guidance of the construction project manager, a comprehensive snag list is created to ensure that all small details are taken care of, leaving no loose ends.

With the project successfully wrapped up, we hand over your house extension, providing you with a finished space that meets your expectations.

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A single-storey extension cost is not fixed as it depends on factors like size, complexity, and materials. However, during our initial consultation, we will provide a precise cost estimate tailored to your requirements.

Yes, planning permission may be needed for a single-storey extension unless the extension falls under permitted development privileges. But don’t worry; we will evaluate your project and advise you through the essential regulations and permissions.

For detached homes, a single-storey extension can be up to 4 metres long without planning permission. On the other hand, for a terraced or semi-detached property, the limit is 3 metres.

Drawing your own plans for building regulations is not recommended. These sketches must be drawn professionally to meet the requirements of the local authority building council if their permission is necessary. Therefore, we have expert architects to do this job.